Can you really lose weight by cutting out soda and other caffeinated beverages?!

Question: Can you really lose weight by cutting out soda and other caffeinated beverages?
I drink about 8-11 Dr. Peppers (or sometimes Mountain Dew) every day. I'm already interested in stopping this bad habit because of what I'm probably doing to my health, and I know I am definitely ADDICTED to caffeine so I've been having a lot of problems sticking to it, but is it really true that cutting out these sodas will also help me lose weight? If this is true, I think that might just be the extra motivation I need to actually go through with only drinking water.

If you have lost weight by cutting out sodas or know somebody who has, please tell me about your (or this other person's) experience. How much weight can you lose? How fast did you start losing?


Yes, you can lose weight cutting out soda. I lost weight after I stopped drinking soda, and I didn't even drink it that often (maybe three or four per month). Calculating that each can of Dr. Pepper is about 150 calories, you'd be saving 1200-1650 calories per day. If you cut it out of your diet right away, you'll experience a very noticeable weight loss. If you cut it a can or two at a time, you'll see gradual weight loss.

I cut out all drinks like Arizona, soda, and other 'natural' fruit drinks out of my diet. I also started eating healthier and stopped eating as much junk food. I lost 20 pounds. (I also walked more)

In your case, definitely.

You are consuming upwards of 1500 calories per day by drinking that much soda.

nope you don`t have to limit your serving sizes and don`t worry if u went onj DIET OF TWINKIES YOU WILL LOOSE WEIGHT STILL IF U STICK TO SERVING SIZE

Yes of course.
The sugar or high fructose causes a huge weight gain( not the caffeine).
On it's own, caffeine( without sugar or corn syrup) will also help u lose weight.
Caffeine is an appetite suppressor.So black coffee or dark chocolate actually aid in weight lose.
I have a friend who wanted to lose 30 lbs.
All he did was to stop drinking Coke.
He drank water instead.
Didn't take him long to lose the gut.

Cut out all sugar laden products and you'll lose weight.
All sugar is good for is gaining weight.

you can lose weight by adopting a healthy low calorie diet and lots of exercise. I lost 24 Kilograms (sorry don't know how much that is in pounds as i'm from outside US) in a month and a half time. I didn't eat much food, only one meal a day and loads of exercise. I lost weight but ended up getting man boobs for losing weight so quickly. The doctor told me i got it because fat underneath the chest doesn't go away quickly. The only option is surgery but it costs around 1500-4000$. Moral of the story, don't lose weight quickly, do it nice and slow over a few months time.

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