Question for coffee heads?!

Question: Question for coffee heads?
I really like iced coffee( australian made iced coffee not the American one were they just put ice cubes in a glass of cold coffee) but I would like somthing to drink that tastes like iced coffee that's hot but I hate the taste of cappocinos and I don't like lattes that much any ideas?


I would say go for a medium-dark roast coffee, and use coffee mate or its equivalent liquid creamer, either french vanilla of vanilla caramel, and sugar to your liking. Personally, I live on coffee, so I hope this helps.

Mocha :) Or hot chocolate. If we're discussing the same Australian iced coffee, they don't really have much of a prevailing coffee taste. Mochas are good. They're not overpowered with coffee, and are deliciously chocolatey :)

I have no idea what the difference is but just put whatever they put in the iced version that makes it good to you in the hot coffee, duh.

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