Best before date on water, why is it there?!

Question: Best before date on water, why is it there?
Why is there a date on water, is it gonna go off? its just water it doesnt have any chemicals or anything in it its the purest thing you can get in this world so why does it have a date when it apparently goes off?
On the bottle i have right now it says 02/2012


In some places, all packaged food and drink is required by law to have an expiration or best buy date even if it doesn't really need one..

Bottled water is not as pure and sterile as you think it is, but the real problem is that chemicals in the plastic bottle leach into the water over time.

Will you die from drinking water past its date? Unlikely. But it will taste of plastic if kept for too long, so setting a date is reasonable.

I think that is more for the bottle then anything. The materials in the plastic break down over time and can seep into the water

Bacteria will get into it over a long period of time, and it'll make you ill.

That's the bottle itself

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