Help! My roommate washed my coffee mug?!

Question: Help! My roommate washed my coffee mug?
So last week I bought a brand new traveling coffee mug that took me months to finally pick out! It's one of those that has the clear plastic sides with a colorfully designed paper-like insert. Stamped on the bottom it reads, "Hand Wash Only". So I had been doing just that. I would wash the mug and place it in the drying rack. However, apparently my roommate thought that the drying rack items needed washed and put my mug in the dishwasher. Now it has water residue and steam build-up all over the pretty design and looks horrible! Is there any solution to getting the steam out (left it set for days and it still doesn't help) or do I need to resort to buying a new mug entirely?

P.S. I haven't confront the roommate about it yet either


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Sorry, it looks like you will have to purchase a new mug. If you hadn't told your roommate that the mug had to be hand-washed, you really can't blame her/him for putting it in the dishwasher. When you get the new mug, make sure to show the mug to your roomie and tell her/him that it has to be hand-washed so please just leave it for you to take care of. Obviously, if your roomie knew the ruined mug had to be hand-washed, you should ask them why they put it in the dishwasher

BTW, please make sure the mug does not contain lead. Many items made in China do contain lead.

I can understand about roommates destroying things. I would be happy that the roommate was even helping with cleaning so I would let it slide lol. I suggest seeing if it comes apart first before spending money on a new one. Gotta get that paper in there somehow lol and if that doesn't work buy a new one.

if its what i think it is
you can take them apart

the inside bit (that holds the liquid)
comes apart from the outer "mug" part

its os you can change the inserts if you want to

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