Is drinking monster energy drinks (almost) everyday bad for you?!

Question: Is drinking monster energy drinks (almost) everyday bad for you?
ive been drinking monster for like a year now and i drink it at least 3 or 4 times a week but i really dont feel bad or nothing like it doesnt affect me and what not, so is this bad?


Caffeine stays in the body for 48hrs. This is why when most people try to quit caffeine drinks they give in after 2days - when the withdrawals hit.
Having a constant high amount of caffeine in your system affects the adrenal glands and they never get a rest. This means that your constantly on an adrenalin rush but if you have it everyday you won't notice the difference. Or maybe your adrenal glands are already exhausted and you need a lot more caffeine than normal to get the same reaction. Long term its a problem because your adrenal gland will eventually wear out and stop producing, which means you will be on a constant low with no reaction to shock or surprises.
Another side affect of a worn out adrenal gland is uncontrollable weight gain.
So in the long run yes it can be bad for you. Try giving it a break sometime. A good motto for a long healthy life is to do everything in moderation.

it really depends on how many you drink a day and wht the sizes are. ive read that 1 or 2 energy drinks a day is good but thats like a 12oz one. ask a your doctor if it is good for you to drink alot of them i know it varies with certain people. If you get ones that have ephdraine in it then ya a lot of em is bad for your heart. i know they are try to ban acholic energy drinks in the usa. for example the sparks u can get. they are already banned from being sold in michigan.

Read the ingredients full of sugar and chemicals. They have nothing to nourish your body they just take from it. They are not good for you. Try taking some good vitamins to boost yourself. Vitamin B 12 is a booster, take as directed on the bottle. Ginseng is another one.

well I'm not sure about your health drinking it but I know a guy who drinks monster energy drinks alot and he has 1000 dollar's worth of dental work because of all the sugar rotting his teeth!

um.. yeah. All those drinks are just sugar. Drink water more often!

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