What percentage of grocery budget on drinks?!

Question: What percentage of grocery budget on drinks?
What do you think the average % of the grocery budget is spend on drinks? I'm a female college student, and I spend around $250 a month of food/drinks/toiletries/household products. I live off campus at an apartment. I don't have a meal plan, so I buy and cook everything. I don't drink alcohol, so I didn't include that, but I tend to drink alot of liquids. Like sports drinks, juice, milk, soda, etc. What would be a good % to expect to spend?

I know there are alot of calories in drinks. But, I'm thin and pretty athletic, so its not a big concern. Thanks!


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First you have to figure out what % of your intake is liquid, and which you drink most of. (I drink a lot of liquid, too but much of it is tea, and I can make a pot of that with 3-4 teabags, so it's really inexpensive.)

As long as you're getting enough nutrients from your food--or you take a multi-vitamin regularly--the % has more to do with your own habits than from what someone else thinks ought to be the right amount. Some people just don't drink much--or they drink water. You'd do your body more good to get a filter pitcher and drink water in place of at least some of the soda. There's nothing in pop that has any nutritional value. Juice, on the other hand, IS food, and so is milk. I'd say you should give more consideration to budgeting for the beverages that give you some nourishment for the money spent.

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