what is the best water ionizer to buy?!

Question: What is the best water ionizer to buy?
i will buy one on ebay since it costs so much. how long do the filters last. what health benefits are there using one of these.


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The best water ionizer brands are currently (as of April 2010) Tyent USA, IonQuench, Life Ionizers, Jupiter, and Chanson. Each of these brands produces high quality machines which truly deliver what they promise; clean, pure, alkaline (or acidic) water. Each brand offers a variety of machines which appeal to various budgets. Prices range from the modest Jupiter Venus ($1195) to the insanely powerful Life LC-11 ($3,250), with a ton of other great machines and prices in between. Between each of the companies, there is a machine to suit everyone's needs. We rate these companies as the best because not only does each produce solid machines, but each sells for reasonable prices and has great customer service.

The information on this page http://www.olympiancares.com/library/
can help you to decide which ionizer is the best one for your home. As well as give you an explanation of the benefits of using them.


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