Free Starbucks anyone?!

Question: Free Starbucks anyone?
i really don’t go to starbucks to much because i don’t really like coffee
but because fall is here and rhe winter cold days are just around the corner
i was wondering what is you favorite drink form starbucks? -Thank You


The white mochas are pretty amazing. For the season they now have their peppermint white mocha for sale. It's to die for, you have to try it!

Java Chip Frap with Whipped Cream. Very calorie dense and unhealthy but if I am forced to go the route of Starbucks, then that is what I order unless it is cold out and then I will order a Vanilla Latte.

I would have to say a white chocolate mocha! Excellent in the wintertime especially :)

I go there a few times a month !

If you want to drink coffee like starbucks check this.

Frapuchino with whipped cream and ice with some caramel

Vanilla bean frap.

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