how do I stop diarrhea after drinking to much prune juice?!

Question: How do I stop diarrhea after drinking to much prune juice?
I've been constipated for about a week so I decided to drink some prune juice. I had about five cups. Now I got diarrhea and I cant stop going. Is there anything I can do to help get my system back to functioning normal?


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Just eat 1-2 pound of cooked rice. I suggest going to an Asian shop and buying rice cake. Delicious and as good as immodium but NATURAL without the chemicals + it refills your up so you don't get empty aches in your intestines. It stops Diarrhea instantly & naturally.

After the rice cakes eat a few mild peppers and maybe 1 yogurt a day+water. That helps keep the traffic going smoothly.

I don't suggest Immodium unless it's an emergency where you keep having endless diarrhea and dehydrating. Immodium does have side effects and some people have almost died from taking it so it's more up to your doctor and you to decide if you really need it.

In the long term, try eating yogurt on a regular basis, and especially for the constipation too eat fiber-rich fruits and veggies and whole grain foods (and less fat and heavy meats).

For now, you can try eating bananas and white rice/bread, etc., but one seemingly contradictory thing could work too (it works for us with diarrhea/cramps from viruses, etc., but not sure if the same for too-many-prunes). That is straight lime juice.
Just juice a whole lime then drink straight (then don't eat or drink anything for awhile so you won't dilute it). I add a bunch of sugar to the juice, and also stir around an ice cube in it for a few seconds just to cool it down, but neither are what makes the basic juice work.

You can also buy imodium from the drug store over the counter these days (may be various brands), but better to do it naturally and may bring on the constipation again?

Good luck

ever play an old video game on atari where you get such a high score that it rolls back to 0? drink enough prune juice and that will happen

pole position

take some imodium pronounced (uh-mood-e-um)

dont drink prune juice

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