What food or drink makes your skin soft?!

Question: What food or drink makes your skin soft?
I was at home and I was trying to make my skin soft,so I need to find
out does any food or drink make your skin soft.Thank you. :)


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Drink More Water & eat More Broccoli. The Water "hydrates" our skin cells so They stay soft & flexible. The Broccoli strengthens our skin cells- so they maintain their Shape & can HOLD more water... These two things ALONE -will do MORE for your Skin, than ANY skin lotion you can buy at the Store !!! :)

My Skin. :)

tomatoes are the best thing you can eat for your skin. Jut start putting it on bread, in salads, in drinks, a bite hare and there and by 2 weeks you'll see a difference.

And ofc a lot of water!

I thinks its anything fizzy lol all those chemicals have to do something


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