Best type machine for strong, rich, bold coffee?!

Question: Best type machine for strong, rich, bold coffee?

I am looking to purchase a machine in the $50 range that makes a good strong single cup of coffee (or will perhaps will make two cups at a time?).

I LOVE espresso, but I'm afraid those types of machines are all out of my price-point/range.

I knew someone a few years ago, who had a machine that made a single cup of good strong, frothy coffee, by using some sort of little "disks" (I think), but I don't recall the name of it...would anyone here happen know what I am referring to, please?

Thanks in advance...


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First of all...

The richness and boldness of coffee has little or nothing to do with the machine--it has to do with the coffee you use and the ratio of coffee to water (strength). In fact, the best coffee is made with the simplest methods--like a pour-over cone drip, or a french press.

My advice would be to get a good-quality Bodum french press (about $30).

Using a french press is almost too easy:

1. Add coarsely-ground coffee to pot
2. Add 200 F degree water halfway full
3. Stir to allow coffee to bloom
4. Fill the rest of the way with more 200 F degree water
5. Wait 3 minutes
6. depress plunger and enjoy!

Coffee specialist - Peet's Coffee and tea.

buy good quality coffee beans and a simple stove top percolator, makes great coffee and well within your price range. check out the source website to see a picture of what I'm suggesting…

If you are not after an automatic machine, then I would suggest stovetop expresso maker. Search for it on google and you will see loads and it doesnt cost much too. It makes brilliant expresso.

Recently got introduced to the product and am loving it!

Espresso coffee machines are indeed pricey but there are other coffee makers that will fit your budget. You can make use of a stovestop espresso maker. With this machine, you can create great tasting coffee similar with the best tasting coffee made in espresso machines.

As I said before on your other question the best thing to focus on would be the grinder. Unless you grind beans freshly all coffee making methods will produce below average results. Pre-ground coffee will always deliver disappointing results as it stales within half an hour of being ground.

The name of the disks you are referring are probably ESE pods. These are an easier way to make espresso in an espresso machine. They tend to be expensive but if you use them in a handpresso machine it is one of the cheapest ways to get something close to espresso.

Nespresso is GREAT. It is super easy and fast, lots of diff flavors, (even though i would never use them)
You put in little cartridges and it makes the coffee. Buy one!


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