Do you remember a news that said that coke (the drink) killed neurons?!

Question: Do you remember a news that said that coke (the drink) killed neurons?
I remember that 5 or 10 years ago there was a very popular news about a scientific study that said that coke (coca-cola) killed human neurons. Te problem is that I can't find it. The question is: Do you remember this news and can you help me to find it?


Yes I remember this news. It contained aspartame, a chemical that affected the brain. Aspartame, though native to the brain, if there is too much. Here are three sites which have articles about it:………………

i don't remember that news but i know about the coke mentos bomb, the reaction which takes in the stomach when cock and mentos is consumed at the same time.
I remember the news that coke is used to clean the stan made by the iron
coke is used in cleaning toilets in some country.
coke will cause various disease on human like jaundice

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