what kind of HOT TEA tastes good with, sugar, brown sugar, or Honey?!

Question: What kind of HOT TEA tastes good with, sugar, brown sugar, or Honey?
I need something hot to drink while I'm sick. Tea by itself is ok, I want better. So, Type of tea(what is it called), what do you add to it, and something you like to eat with your tea :) that sounds good. Please and Thank You.


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Vanilla chai!
I beleive the brand i used was bigelow
I use to be addicted.
it's delicious with sugar. havn't tried brown or honey.

I hope I helped(:

My second favorite is apple cinnamon
I beleive it was the brand lipton.

I was so obsessed with tea it caused health problems, and i'm limited it now): haha. so i know my tea(:

Lipton, or Boh

add sugar.....yum!!!

i eat biscuits/bread with eat.
you should drink chicken and chickpeas/vege soup when sick.


Constant Comment is really good with honey.

Any kind of tea is good. Your personal tastes will tell you what tastes best to sweeten it. I prefer honey for Most teas.

They are all the same. I can't stand tea-hot or cold but I'd do like you and add a lot of stuff to make it taste better.

It depend on your test

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