Do you drink bottled water?!

Question: Do you drink bottled water?
Just curious how many people drink bottled water and why. Did you know that Dasani and Aquafina (bottled by Coke and Pepsi, respectively) are just re-filtered tap water? In other words, you could be getting the same water almost for free out of your tap at home.

Additionally, 70% of these water bottles don't get recycled. Plus the heavy water has to be transported around in trucks and planes, depending on where it comes from. All that energy used for water you could just be getting from the tap. Not to mention the fact that tests have shown that bottled water is no cleaner than tap water.

? 22% of the bottled water tested contained contaminants at levels that violated safe drinking water health standards for the state in which they were purchased.

? 33% of bottled water tested did not meet the state’s safety standard for bacterial contamination, chemical contamination, or both.

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So if you drink bottled water, why?


Not on a daily basis, but if I'm out of the house and need a drink, you better believe I'll stop and myself a bottle of water. It's cold, it's refreshing, and you won't convince me it's better than taking a drink out of some nasty water fountain somewhere. Who knows what the heck is coming out of there.

Undeveloped countries ( Read Third World) hardly one could find a reliable source of free potable water on transit.
This binds the people to depend on bottled water.

aes we need o drink water daily so when I'm away from home then I use to drink bottle water


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