Energy drink makes me puke? ?!

Question: Energy drink makes me puke? ?
Everytime I drink Relentless (energy drink obv.) after like an hour or two it makes me feel sick. :/ whyy is that?


A lot of energy drinks has caffeine, chemicals, &/or plant juices that are hard on the stomach. They can also cause your stomach to constrict which irritates the stomach which can cause nausea and vomiting. Depending on what the main ingredient in the specific drink is, what your mixing it with, or if you drink it on an empty stomach can cause nausea. Your stomach may be extra sensitive to a specific ingredient in the drink. If I drink too much caffeinated soda I can get nauseous. The weird thing is if I drink coffee which has even more caffeine in it I don't get as sick. But, anything that has bubbles is absorbed quicker in your body. Which is why most alcoholic drinks are mixed with something bubbly or are bubbly. Hope this helps!

past experience

because all it is is pure sugar and caffine, it is very unhealthy for youre body, STOP DRINKING ENERGY DRINKS!!

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