Starbucks coffee suggestions?!

Question: Starbucks coffee suggestions?
my favorite is a white pepermint mocha or a toffee lattee. the are sooo good but im tired of the same old same old. what are you favorites and what would you think I would like I dont like my coffee being to bitter or strong? also how do I order my coffee to make it have a lower calorie count?


I love white peppermint mochas too! My husband LOVES white chocolate and caramel anything... they are good flavors together!

For lower calories, do nonfat milk, no whipped cream, & ask about sugarfree flavors! and from what I remember when I was a barista, iced drinks (some frozen) have less milk in it because of the ice (so that saves more).

Starbucks website & barista experience

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Good luck

I almost always just get a venti brewed coffee. Add some half & half and maybe a flavored syrup. It's cheaper and has way less sugar, fat, and calories. If I get an espresso drink, I usually just get a cafe americano or a plain cafe latte.

ok my fave is the chocolate chip frappochino.
also anything they have for the holidays is awesome
the iced mocha is good and caremel latte is reallllly good

i get star bux every morn
i could live off it

I like caramel machiato with extra caramel, without the extra caramel it's a tad bitter to me. If you order it skinny they'll use non fat milk.

Just go with black! Anything else just boosts your need for sweets, which can ultimately ruin any dieting efforts.

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