Will coffee actually affect your growth?!

Question: Will coffee actually affect your growth?

NOT true. Research suggests that coffee consumption has no effect on height. This Myth was started decades ago when it was thought that caffeine in coffee may be a risk for osteoporosis, and subsequently lead to reduced bone mass. However, much of the previous research that linked caffeine beverages and osteoporosis were made in populations that also had low calcium intakes. These people were most likely replacing calcium-rich milk with coffee or caffeine sodas. *Low calicum intakes are clearly linked to reduced bone health.

More recent studies suggest that even if caffeine does slightly offset calcium absorption, the effect is very small.... and it's easily offset by adding a couple of tablespoons of milk into your coffee. Of course, for optimal bone health you'll also need an appropriate daily dose of calcium throughout the day from low-fat dairy, fortified foods, certain greens and/or supplements.

So coffee won't stunt your kid's growth, should you still limit their consumption? Yes, because there are other potential adverse side effects including stomach discomfort, nervousness, shakiness, rapid heartbeat, insomnia, and irritability. In my opinion, it's NOT a good idea to let you child drink caffeinated coffee.

As far as caffeine stunting ones growth, this is a myth. Scientists have had many concerns about this possible side effect, but thus far there has not been any research to support it. It is important to know that caffeine can have many other adverse effects on your health if consumed in higher doses. Caffeine can cause anxiety, headaches, jitters, sleep interference and contribute to some heart problems. This substance is a drug and like most stimulants it can be addictive. Once addicted, there are withdrawal symptoms to deal with such as severe headaches, temporary depression and irritability. You might have thought that caffeine was just perking you up, but it may also be playing with your attitude as well. Athletes should pay close attention to how much caffeine they consume, as well as any other person. Caffeine has a dehydrating effect on the body's cells (making them lose water), but at the same time causes your body to urinate. This two-fold mechanism causes rapid water loss from the body. It will also cause athletes to have sore muscles and delayed recovery time.

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I started drinking half milk, half coffee in a cup when I was 5, and switched to regular coffee at the age of 12, and. I'm a 5'8" woman, so no. I was always told it would stunt my growth, but it didn't.

Usually does not affect development. But the coffee will affect sleep, it is recommended moderation.

well Im pretty sure it doesnt stunt growth since im 6'1 and been drinking since i was 8ish but, jahan if caffiene gives people head aches then why is caffiene pills subscribed to people who have head aches?

NO. This myth was BUSTED.

mythbusters :0)

When I was about 7 my mother told me it makes your knees black. I don't know if it's true or not.

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