Are there any coffee drinks - Or anything else I can drink tomorrow that will cheer me up?!

Question: Are there any coffee drinks - Or anything else I can drink tomorrow that will cheer me up?
I'm not a fan of alcohol but have been down in the dumps tonite and really need a pick-me-up. Any coffeehouse combos you like in particular (there is a Starbucks nearby) - Or any other kind of drink that I can really look forward to tomorrow?


I enjoy making my own tea and coffee. You need for tea the water to be very hot. I often use a pottery tea pot with loose tea leaves, rinsing it with boiling water before making the tea. "Shanghai Gunpowder" Tonite I had herbal tea with no caffeine which I made from a tea bag in a hand made ceramic cup from my collection of cups, some with different product logos and cartoon characters. I used a microwave.
I often grind coffee beans by hand and put it in boiling water, and pour through a strainer when necessary.I keep heavy cream for the coffee and sometimes tea. I also patronize Starbucks but I can barely tolerate the coffe. Caribou coffe and even Mcdonalds coffee I prefer and also 7-11 is very good these days. the largest size 7-11 sells for $1.65 and I can enjoy one divided in smaller cups sharing it with others. A lot of nice coffee for the money.

If you like juice, I suggest 2 tangerine flavor packets of EmergenC in a red gatoraide. The vitamins will give you a nice energy boost. It's hard to be bummed when you are full of energy. Also I like the White Chocolate Mocha at Starbucks, and they used to make an amazing espresso brownie. Hope you feel better.


Pepsi usually makes me feel happy. Try something sweet.

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