what is the best and strongest energy drink?!

Question: What is the best and strongest energy drink?
one that realy going to wake me up


If you have the gear (machine or moka pot), you can make espresso. Espresso has an average of 50-60mg caffeine per 1.5oz shot, so it will have more caffeine than any energy drink but without the sugar, chemicals, or calories.

Brewed coffee would be the next best in amount of caffeine, and it will have a milder flavor in case espresso is too strong for you. French pressed coffee will be richer because a paper filter removes the oils that give it most of it's flavor. Filtered coffee can be considered healthier since the oils in press pot coffee & espresso can increase your bad cholesterol and slightly increase incidents of hardening of the arteries in smokers.

Otherwise coffee is very good for you: it improves mood & mental performance as well as reducing the risk of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Type II diabetes, and certain cancers. It has also been shown to heal mild cirrhosis of the liver.

Energy drinks, on the other hand, have been linked to a few deaths. Even without that risk, they contribute to obesity, high blood pressure, and Type II diabetes. Plus you crash from energy drinks but not from coffee.

I roast my own beans and have seven ways to brew coffee.

Did you know, that energy drinks are what is called "quick releasing" energy. Coffee is "slow releasing" energy. The reason for this, is that the caffeine in coffee is released in to your blood slower than the high doses of caffeine mixed with other additives found in energy drinks. An energy drink will make you hyper for a short period of time. If you drink sugar, then try a black coffee with 1 spoon of sugar. No milk. The milk makes you lethargic. If you don't drink sugar, then take a little more coffee, but not too much as that will cause you to jitter and eventually start tiring quickly.
Hope this helps.


Just have coffee or Coke.

red bull, it gives you wings

strong home made coffee

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