Is drinking too much diet soda effecting my diet?!

Question: Is drinking too much diet soda effecting my diet?
It doesnt make me feel worse in any sorta way. I feel great & im active. My diet is very healthy All im wondering is if drinking a lot of diet pepsi can make me gain wait? I dont want to pay attention to health risks and what not, im just thinking about is there any wait gain itself in that drink?


The idea that there is "benzene" in diet drinks is ridiculous. Benzene is a 6 carbon ring that is very carcinogenic. It is used as an organic solvent and building block to larger molecules and has no place in a drink of any kind. Benzene rings make up thousands of compounds that are found in nature and in our food, but that doesn't mean it is dangerous.

Benzene is dangerous because as a lone 6 carbon ring it is flat and can easily diffuse into an out of cells and fit in between parts of our DNA. Change that configuration a little and it's properties are completely different. If you need an example of this look at Ethanol (alcohol) and Acetic Acid (vinegar) they might seem similar structurally, but just the addition of an extra oxygen changes EVERYTHING about the molecule.

Drinking diet soda is not going to make you gain weight, there just isn't anything in the diet soda that is going to be metabolized and stored in your body. The problem with drinking a lot of diet soda is that you develop a little bit of a sweet tooth and are more likely eat calorie rich sweets.


Yup. Did you know regular pepsi is healthier? Yes, it is.

What your drinking has benzene in it. What's benzene? A toxic substance. That soda your drinking has all kinds of things in it like rat poisoning and gas. Is that *Healthy* to drink?

I do not know why they put it in there, though. I suggest do not drink it anymore, because its making you gain weight, and your drinking all that horrible stuff. If your on a diet, I suggest do not drink too much soda, and if your doing a good job on your diet like eating veggies and fruit, treat yourself to a pepsi once in a while.

Regular pepsi. :)

My momm:)

Yes, any kind of soda has high fructose corn syrup, including diet! High fructose corn syrup stops your body from allowing and good nutritional foods to be absorbed. Therefore, your body will only be able to have the bad stuff in your body. Drinking soda with a meal, even if it is healthy, it is bad. Now a coke every couple weeks, when you are really craving it, it is a thirst quencher. but you shouldn't buy coke and have it at home because you WILL end up drinking it.

My smarts. Really, my mom knows a lot about health and I AM thankful for that. Thanks mom. :)

The diet soda itself won't put weight on you, but the lack of sugar in it often makes people eat more foods that are fattening to make up for the reduced calories it contains.


yes there is

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