Coffee at bedtime; is it suppose to keep you up?!

Question: Coffee at bedtime; is it suppose to keep you up?
Well it makes fall asleep faster
I wander why? is it because I drink it with milk no sugar?


This happens to me sometimes as well... I find that caffeine does the opposite affect to my body.. I get drowsy and sleepy! Honestly, I have no idea why, but atleast we both know we are not the only messed up people ;-)

p.s. i put both milk and sugar so it doesnt have anything to do with that.

Everyone is different. While it would DEFINITELY keep me up, I know people who almost become sleep or groggy after wards, and I know people who don't respond to it at all.

Any medications you are taking can also be a factor. I have a friend who takes Ritalin and that plus coffee means she doesn't sleep at all that night. Try other methods if you want to stay up late. Maybe take a nap during the day, or tea works for some. Energy drinks are all right for some (I personally hate them). Experiment a bit.

yes it may keep you up but i dought it i drink coffee all the time especially at night, and i got to bed fine. it really depends on how your body reacts to caffeine.

Coffee Or any warm liquid gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling , I get tired , lay down and go to sleep.

Coffee at bedtime will make you stay up.... Duh.

its caffeine

take lime juice if you wanna up

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