Is it OK that I'm out of milk and coffee?!

Question: Is it OK that I'm out of milk and coffee?

your going to regret not drinking milk,you know that milk is good for your health,but if your not drinking milk make sure that you have other sources of calcium
and if your not drinking coffee than that's good for you,it wouldn't harm you
have a nice day ^.^

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Good luck and have a new phone

Milk, fine; coffee, no ... I thought I told everyone the only two things I absolutely need is coffee and vodka

Sure as long as you aren't one to drink coffee or milk all the time.

Out of milk is ok. Out of coffee is definitely not a good sign.

As long as you have some source of hydration, you are okay. Water and juice is what you should always have.

That`s fine by me ! I drink water or black tea.

i don't think it will kill you.

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