Duncan Donuts or Starbucks?!

Question: Duncan Donuts or Starbucks?
Do you prefer the coffee and lattes at Duncan Donuts or starbucks?


Dunkin Donuts has cheaper latte, but it taste similar, and i havent tried starbucks since it is sooo expensive. (5 BUCKS!!ZOMGGGG) i aint spending sooo much of my OWN money on that **** when i can get it 4 a cheaper price -_-

I was actually looking for the similar question several days before. when attempting to search the answer I ended up getting a free sample of Folgers Gormet Selections ground coffee from dailyfreefolgersgourmetsite.tk! my Folgers products is scheduled to ship in the next few days & I'm so excited!

Good luck and have a new phone

Starbucks :)

DD, definitely

Neither, as I don't really like coffee that much!

I would say Starbucks, they use better stuff in their coffee

lattes at starbucks, but tea!! at Dunkin Donuts

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