Cadburys, Nestle or galaxy?!

Question: Cadburys, Nestle or galaxy?
Which ones your favourite and why? :)


Cadburys because it's better quality, it's fair trade and has been around for longer :) oh and twirl is my favourite chocolate bar :D
I loved that it was British but now they sold us to America or whatever which annoyed me..
I could eat loads of dairy milk without feeling sick. Although I might prefer the taste of galaxy at times as it's creamier, too much makes me feel sick..
So yeah overall cadburys ;D hope they don't change it!

Cadburys because the chocolate is quality although i do also love galaxy because of its creamyness. I don't dislike nestle like some others but it just doesn't hit the spot for me.

Galaxy because it's rich and smooth and tastes fantastic. It gives you a really chocolatey flavour.

Galaxy but also cadburys because its fair trade :)

Cadbury, but British made, usually sold in dutyfree :-)


Cadbury ... better quality

galexy cos its NOM. :)

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