What kinds of drinks should i get for 16 teenagers?!

Question: What kinds of drinks should i get for 16 teenagers?
I'm a sophomore, and for our turnabout dance (Sadie Hawkins, girls choice dance) me and my group (16 people total) are eating dinner at my house instead of going out. Instead were catering food and my family agreed to serve us like a resturant, because it's cheaper and we dont have to feel rushed. We've got all the food covered, but what drinks should I get? I don't drink much soda so I dont know... Obviously no alcohol, but what types of sodas do most people like and how much of it should I get? Thanks :)


Ya know a really good punch bowl would be good. You can use strawberries, pineapple, banana, what ever fruit ya like. One of my favorites for my grand kids is sprite with orange sherbet. It really won,t matter much the company and friendship means a lot. Good luck have a good time and be careful. Grandma Sue

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Water,pepsi,sierra mist,fruit punch & milk

as to how much depends on what you want just ask them what they like. you can get water, coke, sprite, dr.pepper,etc.

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