Drinking Green Tea, and it's making me all giggly and excitable?! Can anyone explain why, please?!

Question: Drinking Green Tea, and it's making me all giggly and excitable?! Can anyone explain why, please?
I've just drank green tea for the first time, and either I drank too much, or I chose a strong brew, because for some reason I'm into twitchy fits of giggly randomness now. I can't even keep a smile down for more then 20 so seconds, and I keep laughing every few moments. I also keep bursting out into somewhat crazed laughter every now and then. It's been an hour and a half since I drank it, and it doesn't seem to be letting up. My concentration...Alertness levels are up, but I'm too happy twitchy giggly to do anything particularly constructive. My ability to type isn't hampered though for some reason. Can someone explain what's going on?
Yes. This really is a serious question. I'm not fooling around. Opinions please?


If you're sensitive to caffeine, then that's probably the reason. Yes, green tea does contain caffeine. Here's a link that you might find helpful.


all I know about green tea is that its not safe to drink during pregnancy and it promotes weight loss. its not as simple of a ''tea'' as some pple think. its more of a effective herbal remedy.

Don't wish to jump to conclusions but it sounds a lot like your stoned.
And cannabis is green, and can be made into tea...
Did you by your "tea" from a hippy?

Did you make this tea yourself?

If not, you could inquire as to whether they might have put something in it.

Most green tea has caffeine in it.

I have no idea. There isn't even any caffeine in green tea, so I don't know why it would effect you in such a manner.

Green tea ***** me up too, ess'e.

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