Are there any coffee experts out there?!

Question: Are there any coffee experts out there?
Is there a difference if I purchase my coffee and grind it at the store compared to buying the beans and grinding them at home before each time I make a cup?

The girl at the counter told me it's "not as fresh", however that didn't make that much sense to me - is the coffee less strong if I have them ground at the store weeks prior to drinking? Does it lose flavor sitting in the bag already ground up?


Yes it does lose some flavor. It means it will not be as fresh as if you grind them up before you make your pot of coffee but you can prolong the freshness of your grinds by putting them in the freezer when you get home. I use already ground up coffee beans in the vacuum bags and as soon as I purchase it I put it in the freezer to keep it as fresh as possible because coffee can become stale and you will know it if you drink some.

There is definitely a difference if you grind it at the store rather than grinding it for each pot/ drink you make.

When you grind the coffee before hand, it starts to lose it's flavor and freshness. If you were to compare a drink made with the same type of coffee, just one ground right before and one ground weeks before, the one that is ground fresh, or right before you make the coffee, would taste fresh, more crisp, cleaner... The other would taste more stale. Even if you let it sit in an airtight bag. It's just a good rule of thumb to grind your coffee beans right before make your drink/ coffee.

If you have ground the coffee and it takes weeks to consume it, it will oxidize and flavor will dissipate if not in a cool, dark and airtight place. If you are going to drink in in a short time, say a week or so, you will not see a noticeable difference in flavor. You make the coffee strong by how much you use to brew it.

it's some different because of the bean itself, still being fresh on the inside..i have had both, and i could tell some difference, and the raspberry flavor coffee is pretty good, if you want a change up on what you drink..and i put sugar in mine, but i like it sweet..

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