Why can't they sell water in aluminum cans?!

Question: Why can't they sell water in aluminum cans?
If they can sell soda and tea and beer in aluminum cans, why not water?


Good question. It must not be cost effective.
It is possible to can water - in fact, Anheuser Busch does it, and the canned water is sent to disaster areas so the people there can have clean drinking water.
When I was volunteering in Biloxi MS after Hurricane Katrina, we had drinking water in cans, courtesy of Anheuser Busch.

They used to have water in aluminum cans but I have not seen it in 5-6 years. You would go to a soda machine and press the button for Dasani and it would give you water in an aluminum can but now it gives it to you in a 12oz bottle.

Don't know why they stopped but it could be that some claimed that the can spoiled the taste of the water but I honestly could not tell a difference. I got water in a can all the time back in the day.

In soda, there is sugar and preservatives and other chemicals. It is not in water because you want your water to be pure and clean without any preservatives. Aluminum requires drinks to have preservatives in the drink, but water bottle do not.



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