is it possible to drink five glass of milk in a day?!

Question: Is it possible to drink five glass of milk in a day?

Certainly possible, but I think you mean is 'is it healthy?' Good sources of calcium, minerals and vitamins but if you drink whole milk high in calories and saturated fat. If you want to drink so much you should switch to at least semi skimmed milk and preferably skimmed. It is certainly healthier than a high-sugar drink.

Yes. I had a friend that would drink a gallon of milk a day.

Yes but I tried to drink at least 3 but couldn't cause i need to go to the loo a lot

It is possible...if you can deal with the bad taste and the farting...

yes you can

sure, i drink a half gallon of milk a day. its good for you.

Yeah, Sure why not:D milk is full of calcium hahah


Of course. Why wouldn't it be?

Yea ..... but try not 2 do so .

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