Is it normal that the water in my city bubbles/foams?!

Question: Is it normal that the water in my city bubbles/foams?
Like just when its out of a faucet, it like foams and bubbles.
And its not just my house, its everywhere.


if you are in the United States, the quality is governed, and bubbles do not hurt anything. Just (most likely) oxygen escaping.

Where do live? Can you smell anything, taste? There are a quite a few things it could be. Is there any drilling in your town or city for natural gas? Sometimes when they do drilling for gas, they use a technique called "fracking." It can contaminate the ground water. (bad stuff) Other likely possibilities are when the local fire department break loose the areas fire hydrants it can sir up loose sediment in the "mains." This practice of making sure the hydrants work properly is common for safety. Other possibilities include seismic activity.

It's oxygen escaping from the water. Don't worry it's normal.

Whoa.... There might be some sort of substance in your water, maybe it's not filtered right . I would move . Umm whoa

Sorry... Foamy water=crazy Lisa ... You should contact the mayor or someone who controls the water. That is scary

No it's not. You should bring that to everyone's attention.

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