What is good coffee creamer ?!

Question: What is good coffee creamer ?
Lately i have been using hazelnut flavor. I am kind of tired of it. What is another good flavor ?


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I really don't recommend coffee creamers. They are made with hydrogenated oils and other junk that contain trans fats and are extremely hard on your system. If you like flavoured coffee, you can either get flavoured syrups (from local coffee shops) to add in place of the sugar, or coffee that is flavoured itself (the beans). I would switch to half & half (or better yet, light) cream in place of the creamer to get that same flavour without all the junk.

I only like my coffee to be filter with cream and sugar. None of this flavouring stuff which I think ruins a quality coffee blend myself maybe okay in cheap coffee. But I may like to eat some chocolate with drinking coffee but not in with the coffee.

Guess I have not helped you much have I

I like italian sweet cream from Coffee Mate. French Vanilla is also good!

International Delight Caramel Macchiato

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