can caffene actually cause halucinations?!

Question: Can caffene actually cause halucinations?
i saw an article about people drinking massive amounts of energy drinks and the caffene is having side affects, halucinations being one of them. could caffene be an actual drug with euphoric effects and cause halucinations if massive amounts are consumed


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Absolutely! Too much caffeine can cause rapid heart beat ( leading to very high blood pressure ), and a possible stroke! This behavior knows no age limits! Anyone from 15 to 65 years of age that consumes too much caffeine can have severe medical problems!

A 2009 study showed that people who consumed a lot of coffee reported more hallucinations, but they're planning another study to see if maybe people who tend to hallucinate just consume more caffeine.

Everything taken to excess can have negative consequences. In moderation, coffee has been shown to be good for you. Red wine, in moderation, is good for you; abusing it will damage your liver and increase your chances of cancer.…

Well yeah, actually any amount of caffeine is a drug, and even certain amounts of sugar too!
Caffeine can forcefully alter the way your body moves and the way your mind thinks!
You would have to take a large amount and be either pretty young or pretty old for hallucinations to appear though. But ya, there are some nasty side effects to massive consumption!! Hope this helps : >

The other draagons

yes, especially in younger people.

yeah u are all hyper

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