is it safe to give babies boost energy drinks?!

Question: Is it safe to give babies boost energy drinks?

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nooooo thats so bad

Energy drinks of any kind are really bad for adults so it is definitely NOT good to give to a baby. Did you know that the PH level of these drinks is so acidic that it it literally oxidizing the body. The same goes for sports drinks such as gatorade and soda! When our bodies are acidic, disease thrives! It is very important that we eliminate these products and replace them with water. I recommend drinking a highly antioxidant, micro-clusteredd, alkaline water called Kangen Water(r). For more information, check out my website at
I started drinking Kangen Water(r) for the amazing health benefits and now I am a distributor because I truly believe that this is the best water on the planet. If you are reading this and happen to be in the Chandler, AZ area and would like to try Kangen Water(r) absolutely free for 30 days, contact me!

You got me... I found this.

You must be insane if you are actually so stupid to not just know the answer without having to ask it here. You are an idiot. Of course its not safe.

GIve it too your baby, bet the child service be at your door.!!

No...try to reduce its usage.It may cause serious heart problems.

Why would u do that?o.0 Ur rood, i would not say its healthy!


your really dumb


no, it would be crazy to do that

A BIG no no!

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