Is it better to drink water from plastic jugs that are cold?!

Question: Is it better to drink water from plastic jugs that are cold?
Or do chemicals leech out the same as when the plastic is hot. Thanks


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It's only when plastic is heated. However, "microwave safe" plastics do not release these chemicals and are safe to heat up and eat/drink out of. Being "microwave safe" means they passed fda requirements for minimal release of the dangerous chemical BPA. Also, many plastics are no longer allowed to be made with BPA currently and those that are are in the process of being eliminated.

Either way, the plastics in our society is killing us. Not that long ago, our food and drink products was either in glass or paper. Now almost everything we consume is in some form of plastic. We have plastic bags, bottles and containers for everything from our mouthwash to our milk. We are told that heating in plastic is "worse"; that in no way means that cold is good for us. We even make sure that our babies get started early with the sucking on plastic pacifiers, wearing plastic diapers, playing with plastic toys, riding in plastic carseats, even sleeping in plastic playpens and cribs. As we grow, so does our plastic addiction. Just take one day and be aware of how much plastic one is exposed to. It's astounding!
There is no escaping it. We live in a plastic world. We are also dying in it.

Well I don't know about that but I know it's bad to buy a water from a store drink it then reuse the plastic bottle it's bad for you

Its the nwo poisoning you. Just drink gatoraid. It taste better anyways

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