What is the best blender out there for the money?!

Question: What is the best blender out there for the money?
I'm looking for a good mid-priced blender. I know the better (or best) are the Vita-Mix and the Blendtec, but I am seeking something more affordable. Also of note, is as to whether glass or polycarbonate is better. I have been looking at the Kitchen Aid


which seems to get a lot of good reviews, but it has a polycarbonate jar and they don't specify as to whether or not it is bpa free. I would like this same blender with a glass jar, but don't see it anywhere.


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I've owned a Kitchen Aid blender for years, and it's been fantastic. Mine (like most) has polycarbonate instead of glass.

All the new polycarbonate products from quality manufacturers (like Kitchen Aid & Cuisinart) are BPA free. Mine is and it was from just before the whole BPA story developed. Glass jars are heavier & more prone to breaking if dropped; that's why you don't see them much.

Vita-Mix has more power, so if you want to shred Matchbox cars (like some guy on YouTube), they're better; otherwise I don't see a need for on in the average home.

Kitchen aid is the mid priced Hobart brand which is the most seen institutional brand. Cuisinart is top of the line but expensive. Present day appliances are built to last to warranty expiration so I would look for the longest warranty.

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