What's the different coffees there are?!

Question: What's the different coffees there are?
What's the difference between a cappuccino, mocha, latte, frappe and all others left out? Can springer plz explain!!

Thanks :)


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Cap - espresso with milk, 1/2 an inch of foam drizzled with choc on top.
Flat white - espresso and milk (no foam at all).
Latte - espresso with 1/2 an inch of foam on the top.
Chai latte - similar to a latte but no coffee in it. Instead a shot of chai syrup or powder is added instead of coffee.
Mocha - hot chocolate and espresso.
Hot chocolate - 1 to 2 teaspoons of drinking choc powder whisked in cold milk.
Long black-double shot of espresso in hot water, filled in a cup.
Short black -
just an espresso.
Macciato -
An espresso with a dash of milk on top.
Hope this helps?


Cappuccino is milk foam with espresso. Mocha is foamed milk, chocolate syrup, and espresso. Latte is milk foam and espresso. Frappe is a blended cold latte I think.

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