Can I use a 5 Dollar bill in my schools Vending Machine?!

Question: Can I use a 5 Dollar bill in my schools Vending Machine?
I'm thirsty and I only have a five dollar bill in my pocket, but I can't find a teacher who can give me change and I don't go to the lunch room ever. If I put in the five dollar bill will it accept it? It's 1.25 for a water and it doesn't say it accepts more then 1 dollar bills but it's one of those newer machines.


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If the machine accepts $5 or $10 bills it will say so. If it does, know to that your change will all be in coins.

If the machine does not accept larger bills, it will reject them

The machine usually will tell you if it accepts 5 dollar bills.

Most likely not.

check to see if the machine gives change back

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