Caffeine/Coffee drink for the morning?!

Question: Caffeine/Coffee drink for the morning?
Like, I'm 13 yeah? But all I want is just a type of coffee or caffeine filled drink in the morning (7-8am usually) to get me buzzed up. I don't plan on having it more than once a day, and maybe have it once every two mornings? Just that some mornings, like basically everyone, I just CANNOT get (I can, but just detest the idea) of getting out of bed, and going to school, so I was thinking maybe a drink like that would help? I'm thinking of just getting a normal cup of coffee and putting some maple syrup in it, would that work :D ? Also, don't give me any of that "your too young" crap, seriously, it makes you sound like an old fart :D
Cheers :)
PS I live in NZ, if that's any help, don't want a suggestion that I can only get in the USA :D


Just have a coffee or tea. If you want something strong try the packet cappachino strong you can buy from the supermarket or a strong iced coffee. Alternatively they say that eating an apple and have 1 glass of water in the morning is the heathiest thing and the best way you can wake up with plenty on energy.

Im 13 tooo and i just love caffeine!!!! but i dont have it EVERY DAY..... sometimes they give you headaches! ik what you can do! when ur alarm beeps, kill it, then literally jump out of bed!!!!! that will help, also turning on the lights and having sugar. but not always caffeine in the morning, itll get addictive lol

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