Is coffee bad for you?!

Question: Is coffee bad for you?
I eat very healthy, I take complete multi vitamins daily, I run everyday and do body resistance workouts a lot. If I have about..5 or 6 cups of coffee everyday could I suffer from any health risks? I also drink about 12 bottles of water everyday.
( I have also been drinking coffee for years and have a high tolerance )


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That is enough coffee to kill a small child :|
Coffee isn`t bad for you but it isn`t good for you if you drink that much. Try and limit yourself to 2-3 cups (not huge mugs) spread throughout the day also with less sugar and cream.
Coffee can actually boost your metabolism and sooth head aches.
love coffee

Coffee contains caffeine which is a diuretic. Coffee pulls out as much as 50% more water than it contains, which is a major contributor to dehydration - the cause of most health problems.

The reason you have such a "high tolerance" is only because you drink enough water to compensate for the caffeine you're consuming. You have to drink 1 1/2 cups of water for every 1 cup of caffeine you drink to overcome the effects of the caffeine.

You should also drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water each day.

If the bottles of water you're drinking are 20 oz (or the metric equivalent) bottles, then you're in good shape.

You really should add a pinch of salt for every 16 oz of water you drink. Not doing so will wash out the salt in your body, which will result in health problems. Contrary to what doctors claim, salt is healthy for you - it's the third most important substance that your body uses to sustain life. The only things more important are water and oxygen.

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...well it's not good because you're addicted to it and it's full of caffine... a cup a day is ... whatever.. the amount your having is really not good atall caffine increases the chance of heart attacks i think it thickens the arteties it causes hormone imbalances.. not in moderation but if you're having it consistantly and that many cups ..+ you're probably using at least a teasp or more sugar in each one with what full fat milk, skimmed? cream ? half and half.. it all adds up and it's ... NOT healthy eating healthy mostly and exercising doesn't mean your insides are healthy if you're still eating crap

Coffee isn't bad for you unless you are ridiculous. 5-6 cups might be a little much, 2-3 a day is more normal. But in general coffee won't hurt you.

YES. Coffee is bad for your health if drunk in excess. Also, it stains your teeth. So despite the fit lifestyle, reduce the intake and you will be fine.

I have 1 cup in the morning to keep my digestion regular. I think 3 cups is ok. Remember to check your blood pressure, a Good monitor is only $25. Start there!


People say it doesn't from but personal experience it creates a long-term mood disorder.

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