12 pack of coke cans ... please read on thanks :)?!

Question: 12 pack of coke cans ... please read on thanks :)?
i have record how many coke cans i have be drinking i always buy 2 12 packs of coke cans and i drink one 12 pack of coke 1 day and a half i don't think i will be able to stop and ideas on how maybe


you dont have to replace it with water, (i f*cking HATE water too!),
but you need to limit the sodas you drink.
did you know that you gain POUNDS just by consuming all of those sodas every single day?
heres a little experiment:
stop drinking soda for a week.
weigh yourself before you start the experiment, and one last time after 7 days.

another thing,
sodas arent really good for your body.
did you know you that your kidneys can form kidney stones just from drinking soda on a regular basis? your chances of getting stones are increased tremendously!

i'll provide you with some links on the source part.

good luck!

any other questions, just google (:

Calculate up how much money you spend on all that Coke in a month, it's probably over $100. Then, think of it in terms of something you want, instead. For every three days you go without drinking Coke, you could download an entire album of music from iTunes, for example.

I'd probably not quit cold turkey, though. Try cutting the amount in half, then get the album after 6 days, for example. Do this for a month, then cut in half again, then a month later stop altogether. If you do go cold turkey, be prepared for some miserable times ahead.

Bottom line, when you want to quit a habit, you need to replace it with something else. For example, I have a friend who quit drinking soda by first switching to fruit juice and iced tea, then to vitamin water, and now drinks this 0 calorie flavored water stuff. What are you going to replace your cola drinking with?

As to drinking real water, try putting a couple lemon or orange slices in the water. Or you could try sparkling water. I like it, but some don't. There's this flavored sparkling water that comes in 12 pack cases at the grocery store, I've forgotten the name now, but it's got like lemon, lime, and berry. Those are pretty good, and just have water and flavor in them.

The addiction is most likely caused by the caffeine intake. Unless you want intense cravings and withdrawals from an abrupt stop in caffeine intake, I would suggest a healthier solution such as tea or coffee that is still loaded with caffeine, but without all the sugars and whatnot. Then you can slowly skim down on those. But you'll still want (and need) some caffeine so going completely off is almost out of the question. Good luck!!!

First, I would try to switch to Caffeine free Coke. It will be easier to switch to something more healthy if you kick the caffeine habit first.

After about a week or 2 then try replacing your caffeine free Coke with something like SOBE Lifewater Zero. They don't have that after taste like diet sodas do.

The best way is probably just to stop buying the coke.

Then find an alternative that's healthy compared to coke, maybe water as a suggestion.

Slowly work your way down, quitting anything cold turkey isn't as delicious as it sounds.

Stop buying then
.. figure the calories and money spent.... is it worth it now

you will get diabetes if you do that

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