what are the side effects of drinking diet soda?!

Question: What are the side effects of drinking diet soda?

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Increase appetite possibly brain damage.


You can get Migraines and blurred vision( that is the minor ones). They also now believe it can trigger you to eat too much and have proven the artificial sweeteners can cause a whole host of problems including cancer. But you would need a chemistry degree to understand what it does to your body long term. Scary.

I think I should be a poster child for all they say diet soda can do to you- drank if for years and now am suffering the consequences of me being so dumb !

You can tell a baby not to touch the hot stove- but they will still do it!

over time drinking too much is bad for you, fake sugar is actually worse then real sugar , i heard that scientists found that there are cancer causing agents within the chemicals used in diet soda. you are better off just cutting off soda in general, none of them are good.

If you drink lots of diet soda there can be long-term risks. Aspartame is not a very nice product. I'll put a couple links below for you to read. You can decide for yourself. Personally, I avoid aspartame.



Thirst: quenched

Weight : Lost

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