How do you get rid of caffeine jitters?!

Question: How do you get rid of caffeine jitters?
I had some coffee and it surprisingly has given me more energy than I would like! I'm starting to feel dizzy and just very unfocused (and I'm at work) does anyone have any ideas for how to make these jitters go away faster?


Have a camomile tea or two. Counter acts as it is calming. Or next time you don't know how you ae going to react, have some KALMS tablets or other herbal remedy, take half the dose of that. Also, if you drink coffee / caffeine on an empty stomach, your body reacts to it faster . Good for before the gym as you will speed up the metabolism, bu not good for concentrating on work, depending on what it it of course. You might be a professional runner, I don't know.

Start flushing your system with water. Don't drink massive amounts is a short periods of time because you could get water intoxication, but drinking water will help to get it out of your system.


just let it run it's course. Try eating a bite or two

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