What is a good thing to drink in the morning?!

Question: What is a good thing to drink in the morning?
I'm new to life... so what should I drink in the morning?


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Green tea, it naturally contains caffeine and is rich in antioxidants. I drink it every day instead of coffee and it makes my body feel much more energized. And you won't crash in a few hours unlike coffee.

I read this great article on how your body is always dehydrated in the morning, because you obviously don't drink liquids while sleeping! So it is recommended to drink lots of water when you wake up. Last year, my physical education teacher said to drink two glasses of water in the morning before we run the mile that day. It got pretty hot, & she didn't want us to get all dehydrated.

Article I read somewhere, school, common sense.

Hot apple cider (non-alchohaulic) is very yummy!

Hot chocolate

Herbal teas ( if your not a fan of herbal, orange pekoe is good)
Here is some flavours of herbal teas that i find to be very good and refreshing...


Red raspberry

Peppermint (good for upset stomach and gas)

Sleepy Time tea


Ginko tea

back to other drinks:

Coffee (latte,mocha,machiato, etc)


Real Orange Juice

Iced tea (real iced tea, you could make it at home)

Ice water

Real Lemonade

Real apple juice

Milk Shakes ( made with real milk and fruit products)

Try to avoid anything high in caffine such as energy drinks, colas and even coffee though it is often drank in the morning by many mane people.If your looking for somthing to wake you up eating an apple is proven to wake you up more than a cup of coffee. =) hope i helped with your question!

DO NOT start your day off with soda or alcohol!!

here are some good ideas:
1. milk (2% is the best)
2. orange juice
3. coffee
4. hot chocolate
5. hot chocolate mixed with coffee
6. vanilla steamer: hot milk with sugar and vanilla flavoring
7. chai tea or soy chai tea- chai tea with milk or soy milk and sugar
8. tea

you should always start your morning with good delicious food, not sugary food, that fills you up and will lead to a bright and sunny rest of the day.
have a good morning!

You're new to life? Then you are too young to be on Y! Answers

Outside of that, if you are new to life you should be drinking mommy's milk

I have to have my plain iced tea in the mornings after I get up. Not like Snapple iced tea, but real home-brewed.

smoothies and healthy milk skakes and green tea are good for any body and day!

depend if u r a kid
if u r a teenager milk or juice
and if u r an adult coffee

Milk is good.

I like Orange Juice


a nice coffe does the job!


Orange Juice


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