Where can I get electrolytes? from what foods or drinks?!

Question: Where can I get electrolytes? from what foods or drinks?
Are there any kind of electrolytes available in pharmacies that I can buy?


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The best natural drink to replentish your electrolytes is organic young coconut water. It is very balanced with all of the necessary elements.

Commercial rinks like Gatorade or Pedialyte(sp?)-for children, PowerAid, Propel Water are also supposed to help balance out the loss of electrolytes.

ANy drink containing sodium and potassium salts. You can also make your own beverage easily. A simple electrolyte drink can be home-made by using the correct proportions of water, sugar, salt, salt substitute for potassium, and baking soda.

Brawndo - It's got what plants crave!!! Plants crave electrolytes!!!!



energy drinks of any kind

gatorade.... most sports drinks are loaded with them...

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