I found a sprite in a 24 pack of Dr. Peppers.?!

Question: I found a sprite in a 24 pack of Dr. Peppers.?
I did not open the sprite but I don't know if it is a manufacturing mistake or there's some kind of sweepstakes going on that I don't know about. It was really weird though because it was on the very bottom of the case. So I just don't know.

Any answer will be helpful. Thanks.


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If I were you I would call the company. A lot of times they will give you free stuff just for complaining. I know it didn't bother you, but you should try it, maybe they'll give you another free pack or something.

It was probably just a mistake, the only contests they do usually involve entering codes online. I would call them and let them know but you will need to UPC code from the box. They will most likely send you free stuff!

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