What if I stopped drinking soda?!

Question: What if I stopped drinking soda?
I just stopped now. Will my body lose weight magically? How will this make my body healthier?


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If you have been drinking soda regularly for quite some time and you have stopped, then yes, your body will lose weight. The added sugar in soda is 40g per can, which is approximately the most added sugar any one person should consume per day. When you take in more added sugar than recommended in a day, your liver's storage capacity is exceeded. This causes the excess sugar to be converted into fatty acids and taken into your bloodstream, where it is stored. Another case is the excess of insulin, the hormone produced after one consumes an excess of sugar at once. This sugar enters your muscles and once it overflows, the excess sugar is converted to fat.

The reason I say "added sugar" intake is because natural sugars found in foods such as fruit are healthy for you and do not work in the same way as foods that have had sugar added to them.

So by cutting out soda from your lifestyle, you are reducing your added sugar intake dramatically. Of course, you would only lose weight assuming this elimination of soda puts your daily added sugar intake to a normal and you are burning less calories than consumed in general. Exercise definitely helps as well.


Sugar is a preservative, so less will make your skin better. Sugar converts into fat in your body because your body doesnt know what to do with it, so it stores it. You should only consume 2 tablespoons or less per day of sugar, and 1 soda pop has about 1/4 cup. You could lose about 10-20lbs a year if you just stopped drinking soda alone..assuming you drink it everyday and you are overweight.

yes you will.

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