How to make Iced tea!?!

Question: How to make Iced tea!?
I'm searching for a Iced Tea recipe. I DO NOT want lemon Iced tea. I have Orange Pekoe by Tetley tea.
So basically, what do I do?

(I only have a Kettle)


You need to boil about 1 cup of water for each bag. bring it to a boil, turn off the heat, add your bags & let it steep for at least 3 minutes. Remove the bags. At this point you add sugar if you want it sweet. I would add about 1 tablespoon of sugar for each bag but taste it & see if it's sweet enough. if you don't want it sweet, just dont add any sugar. Just pour it over ice when it's cooled a little. If you put it in the refrigerator it might get cloudy but it's still OK to drink. Good Luck!

I make it everyday

Boil two cups of cold water.

Place four tea bags in a pitcher, and then pour the boiling water onto the tea bags. Let it steep for at least twenty minutes.

Remove the bags, squeeze out the excess liquid, then add water until the pitcher is full (2 quarts).

Either put it in the fridge to let it chill, or add ice cubes to drink it immediately.

Add sugar spoonful by spoonful and taste test to get it to your liking.

Lemon slices are optional!…

Boil water. Take off heat. Add tea bags. Let seep for 15-20 minutes. Longer if you like it stronger. Then add to a gallon of water and a 3/4 cup of sugar. 8 oz. of water for a bag. It not rocket science.

I think you can buy the powder at the store

Buy the powder stuff and add water and voila!


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