Why am I always thirsty?!

Question: Why am I always thirsty?
First of all I`m 15 years old.

Lately, I just have been feeling very thirsty, and i crave water or any kind of drinks a lot. For an example, just today i took a two hour nap, and as soon as I woke up, i was soo thirsty and drank a whole glass of milk. A little after that, I drank some more water.

What could be causing this? Could it be my food choices? I don`t exactly eat healthy. not at all actually. Im always munching on chips (even now..), craving candy, eating mcdonalds, greasy cafeteria food for lunch (poutines, pizza, etc). Yeah my diet is horrible |: I'm not overweight at all though. I weigh 105 pounds, and i'm about 5'4.

I have considered diabetes, but i had a blood test done about a year ago (for a completely different reason). Wouldn't it have shown? However that was WAAY before this whole thirsty thing started. This is just recent.

So what are your opinions?
ThankYou! :D


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All that sodium will make you thirsty. Try cutting out the junk food for 2 weeks and see how you do. Eat more filling foods like whole grains and proteins like actual beef and chicken. Things your body has to work to digest so you will feel full longer.

Other things to watch out for: Anemia, which is a fancy word for iron deficiency. This can pop up at about your age due to your menstrual cycle. Being anemic will make you feel tired, you will have heavy flows (on your period) and you will feel extremely thirsty because your body is trying to make more red blood since you aren't carrying enough oxygen through your system. If it gets bad you might also crave eating ice.

Diabetes is a specific test, they may not have tested for it. Also there is a longer term test that involves the collection of urine. Sometimes can last 3 months.

Go and get another blood test, ask for a HbA1C test. This involves fasting for about 8-10 hours before blood is taking. Get an urine test done too. This is to see if any sugar is seeping into your urine. This will tell for sure if you are diabetic. Tell your doctor your symptoms and that is why you want the test done. Good luck!!

I'm eating chips now too xD
Yea, I am also fifteen and always thirsty etc. Maybe it's just our age?
You could just be dehydrated
Maybe not diabetes. My Mum has that and she isn't always thisty but I guess it depends on what type you have

You need to go back to your Dr and tell him/her what's going on. It's very possible they blood test you had before did not have a diabetes screening ordered by the Dr. For an example, if the Dr. thinks you might have an infection, they will order a test for a high white count or something like that and none for diabetes.
It does sound like you eat a lot of salt but you are young and can get away with if for awhile.
Another sign of diabetes is that your pee smells like freshly mown grass.

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