Can coke make you infertile?!

Question: Can coke make you infertile?
i was drinking diet coke today and my friend said he watched this show where the woman drank like loads of coke per day, like one of those big bottles, and they sent her to the doctors and the test results said she was infertile because she drank too much coke and her liver was trying to get get rid of the toxins but it made her infertile... is that true?


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>Now if that was true, FDA would take coke off the market..There are no scientific studies that prove that anything like that is true. Millions and millions drink coke and they have families.

Junk food can really mess you up. So I don't doubt it. However, It would take like drinking 3 cans per day for years and years. The woman was probably also obese, and had a bad health lifestyle.

I wouldn't freak out though It's okay to drink a coke every so often. Just have a healthy balanced diet, and exercise well., and remember water is always best.


don't think so!
If anyone drinks load of cola then probable that they are having a rubbish diet too. If it's worrying you, stop drinking it!
Just to add that there is NO proof whatsoever that cola or fizzy drinks affects calcium in bones.

Diet croak contains aspartame and YES! this can make you infertile.

Do not use it as a contraceptive though.

Aspartame will kill you eventually.

gah...too much of anything will make something happen! just drink it in moderation and you'll be fine.he's probably one of those gullible people who will end up living off water and die from malnutrition and too much water in his system.

The answer is NO, but over drinking it is bad anyways, so don't drink so much to not affect your health and bones.

ask a doctor

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