What should you do if you can't drink 8 glasses of water a day?!

Question: What should you do if you can't drink 8 glasses of water a day?
I've always tried to drink more water, but the most I can get down is about 3 cups. Is this detrimental to my health in any way?

BTW, I'm not very tall or big, so is that number just a guideline for average height/weight?

Thanks to anyone who answers!


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When you're dehydrated your brain and body function at less than full efficiency. Your body can build up more toxins because things don't get flushed through your system properly, and you can even gain weight.

8 cups is a minimum for any adult - people who are much bigger or who get a lot of exercise should have more.

The water doesn't have to be pure (although that is perhaps best). Have you tried drinking fruit juice mixed half and half with water? Herbal teas? (That's how I get mine down.) Squashes? They all count - you just might have to watch the calories if you start drinking a lot of squash or something! Try building up slowly to having one cup before and after every meal, and then adding one midafternoon and one in the evening. It's just about forming new habits and letting your body adjust to something it's not used to. It can take a while, but you can do it if you stick at it.

In the meantime, to be honest, any liquid you drink does help to hydrate you, and eating fruits and soups, which have a high water content, will help too. But nothing else is quite as effective as drinking plenty of water, and I do recommend you keep trying. You may be surprised how much you feel the benefits.

I lost 40lbs last year and drinking all that water is just one of the healthy habits I had to learn. I struggled too but once you get used to it it's not a problem.

Every part of your body is made up of cells. In case of water shortage, the electrolyze cannot happen and our cells dry out and die.
Therefore, in order to keep our cells hydrated, our body's electrochemical balance and stay alive we need water.

Water also helps to detox our body so try to drink as much as you could.

If its plain water that you dislike drinking, fresh coconut water (juice from young coconut) also a good beverage which you can drink daily but moderately.

Otherwise I would suggest to squeeze fresh lemon juice to plain water so it has a little flavor and Vit C.

Decaffeinated tea (can be very diluted) also a way to drink 'water'

Add cellfood to your water. Cellfood hydrolizes water and turns it into oxygen which will provide your body with more oxygen. Cellfood can be bought at nature food stores, lasts like 3 months and actually improves the taste of water. www.cellfood.com

The purpose of water is to filter out toxins in your body and help your body functions operate more efficiently. Cellfood will accomplish these tasks more efficiently even if you don't drink water.

Drink juices too.

Actually you are supposed to drink half your body weight and use that count as ounces. If you weigh 120 pounds than you are to drink 60 ounces of water per day which is slightly less than 1/2 gallon.

Not only is there water in FRESH food (fruits and veggies) but you could try herbal tea - you can drink it hot or cold.


if i cant drink 8 glasses of water then i prefer drinking juice especially orange juice.......

eat high water content fruits like grapes and melons. also drink tea or eat soup, because they have lots of water!

there's water in food, so that counts I think.

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